Coronavirus Business Support Webinar Programme – Week Beginning 25th May

This week the national webinar series focuses on how businesses can use online platforms, handle crisis PR/communications, start selling online and restructure finances to help with the impact of the Coronavirus.
Find a selection of the webinars you can sign up to this week here.

Tuesday 26th May – 10am

Webinars, Live Streams and Video Conferences: Running a business remotely
It’s now even more important to know how to interact with colleagues, clients and customers online. This webinar gives you the knowledge and insight to know what platform will suit your business the most. Register here.

Wednesday 27th May – 10am

Managing Your Business Reputation 
This webinar will look at ways to protect the reputation of your business during these uncertain times. Focussing on crisis PR planning, brand values, influencer engagement and giving back opportunities. Register here.

Thursday 28th May – 10am

Taking Your Business Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic 
With the outbreak of COVID-19, taking your business online to take advantage of these opportunities will likely pay dividends, meaning that you will come out the other side hopefully stronger. Register here.

Friday 29th May – 10am

Should You Start Selling Online – An Overview in a COVID-19 World 
This webinar explains what’s involved in expanding your business to include online sales and how to make a success. Register here.

Friday 29th May – 2pm

Structuring Your Business Finances Through Covid-19  
This webinar looks at the impact of the pandemic on businesses and identifies the positive and practical steps you can take now to structure your finances. Register now.