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See below some important information about the SEISS scheme, in particular, how to avoid a delay in the claim:

The claims system for the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) went live yesterday, 13 May, for eligible customers to begin to make their claims. HMRC have contacted stakeholders to say that the first day of claims went smoothly, but to draw attention to a number of important issues that have come up with applications to the scheme.

Some agents are using their client’s Government Gateway credentials to make claims on their behalf. Please don’t do this. It will trigger a fraud alert and will result in delays to receiving payment.

If you have claimed on a client’s behalf already, their payment may be delayed. If your clients are affected, they will have to contact HMRC separately to resolve this.

HMRC have also shared a best guidance list for supporting those looking to apply to the scheme:

  • talking them through why they may, or may not be eligible, drawing on our online guidance or through our daily webinars
  • encouraging them to use the online checker (or using it on their behalf to check eligibility) – reminding them that they will need their Unique Taxpayer Reference number and their National Insurance number to do so
  • encouraging clients who do not have their Government Gateway credentials to set them up online now
  • reminding them that the date between 13 and 18 May, which they have been given, is assigned randomly in order to help HMRC manage demand on the service so that everyone who needs to make a claim can do so
  • helping them understand that while they won’t be able to apply before their allocated claim date, they will be able to make a claim after that day, and
  • supporting them to find other help available on GOV.UK, if they are not eligible for a grant under this scheme.

How to Claim – Step-By-Step